Sunday, September 13, 2009

Trees along the Buttonwood Pond

This was an amazingly beautiful day. The sun was bright and clear but the strangest thing was that it would just start to rain with the sun fully shining! Big rain fell twice for 10 minutes or so and the sun and rain together just intensified all of the colors. The tree bark became dark and the leaves just became shiney and brighter! It was stunning! It was so warm that people at Buttonwood Park just let it rain on them as they walked around accepting the refreshing showers! Great to be part of such a gorgeous day!

Oil on Panel / 5.9” x 5.9” / 15cm x 15cm



  1. Amazing as always. The one of the woman in the bakery made me smile. Her expression is so clear that you feel you are looking at a photograph, like you captured the humor she felt at being the subject of a painting.

  2. Thanks Ann. It was true. She was chuckling at my asking her to hold still while I did a little study of her...must be strange to have someone request to make a painting of you but almost everyone I ask is game to sit for me! I am always surprized. Although the other woman in the bakery ran into the back room! It was too funny. She made both of us laugh!

  3. I have to agree. Fantastic imagery here. I can picture myself walking this path with camera in hand. Excellent work.

  4. lovely luscious colours, thick with sunlight and warmth.r.

  5. Art, you should have been there but I know you had the car show.

    Rahina q.h., Thank you so much! Coming from an artist,this means a lot to me!