Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Little Break

This is a little watercolor that I painted of my Martini Brahmin Handbag that is hanging on my wall. It is not for sale for two reasons, first it is in my notebook and second, I painted it with my left hand because my right hand and back are very tired so I am giving them a rest. Not too bad for my left hand!

This is a picture of all the paintings in the Fresca Grill Series so far. I like the way they look all together but, alas, there was interest shown in one so it looks like the set will be broken.

Here I am on the left with my sister, AnnMarie on the right. We are at Fresca Grill and since she is the one to get me painting again after a 14 year lapse, I had to include her on this blog. It is dedicated to her after all! What a great time we had there Tuesday night! She goes back home half way across the United States in less than a week. I will spend as much time with her as I can. I want her to be my model for a painting. :-)

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