Saturday, July 17, 2010

Made in the Shade

Today I had the day off from cooking and I took the opportunity to take the two hour drive to Provincetown to paint and see the Egeli's. It was a great day. I love being there.

We had a beautiful model, named In....oops...I can't find where I wrote it! So, beautiful Russian model, if you see this, please drop me a line with your name and I will fix the description of this work on this post!

She sat in the shade and I was able to get a likeness of her that I was happy with. The light in the shade reflecting off of her skin was a joy to paint. I hope that I get the chance to paint her again this Summer!
The first photo was taken in my kitchen after the sun had set using artificial light (my kitchen bulb). It yellowed the entire work.
This second photo was taken in natural light. The colors are much closer to how the work appears in real life. It is much cooler in color giving you the feeling of what it was like in the shade.
The photos only can give an idea of the work. The actual painting is more of a combination of the two. My camera cannot capture the full range of colors so to me, the live works are always more interesting.