Thursday, September 3, 2009

Little Girl "A"

Okay... This is a 6"x6" painting that I made but it does not count toward a daily painting because I painted it in 1994. It was done when my children were daughter here was only two years old. I had just been gifted a huge book of Rembrandt's works and I was inspired. I was new to painting (just over a year) and thought I would go into as a profession but that idea got put on hold until 2008 when I took a summer off to study with some of the best. This work was made with dissolved oil pastels in Linquin. It was my first attempt in the medium. I won't sell it because of sentimental understand. I just put it here to give you some thing to look at and something to read!


  1. I'm glad that you did. This is an excellent portaiture. I love her expression here. Fantastic.

  2. This painting is one of the many reasons I always believed you were meant to do this.