Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Little Woman "A"

5.9" x 5.9"/ Oil on Panel / 15cm x 15cm

Happy Birthday, AnnMarie!

This is my first official daily blog posting. I have finally gotten all of the materials ready that I need to make this a daily practice. During the next days I will go public via e mail, press etc. It is my intention to daily paint the things that make life worth living. Painting with this in mind is for me a meditation on gratitude, leaving me happier and maybe even a bit wiser to have had taken the time to absorb what gives life value to me. Speaking of which, I must paint my sister, AnnMarie! Today is also AnnMarie’s birthday! I have chosen to start the daily painting on this day in her honor for it is a fact that without her encouragement I would not have developed the confidence to become a professional portrait artist. She had all the faith in me that I did not. She helped talk me through the daunting fear of my first commissions. She helped me gain confidence and as a result, she has single handedly help to change my life into something that I truly look forward to every morning.

Today’s painting, Little Woman “A” was made as a complement to the previous post, Little Girl “A” that I painted 14 years ago. The two are both of my daughter who will be 17 years old in a few weeks! She has lost her blond hair and has grown to be so beautiful inside and out. Even her brother felt I nailed her image.

Oh my God. Finally it looks like her…I really love how it looks close up.

(so I included a close up)

Today’s post is a dedication to my family but the entire blog itself is dedicated to the one person who made it possible, my sister AnnMarie. Happy birthday, Ann!


  1. Christine, I don't even know what to say. You have left me speechless and as you know, for me that is not a common occurrence. I just showed Bobby what you wrote and I almost cried. You are an amazing artist and I am SO proud of you. I am looking forward to all of the wonderful, exciting things that are going to happen in the next year. Thank you for such an incredible birthday gift!!!

  2. Just happy I could officially start the blog on your birthday. Think of it as a well earned Life Coach Award because Ann, you are the best!

  3. Hi Christine,
    I have been trying to do this too. I am also a teacher so some days I don't succeed in getting a new painting out. Congratulations. I see that Edward B. Gordon, one of my art heroes, is part of your inspiration. We can shake hands on that one.
    I'm delighted to see how you're working out the terms of purchase. I need to figure that out as the house is filling up with canvasses. I really love your work.

    Good for you!

    Take care,