Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Teen Girl A

Once again it is my daughter who is the model. She is handy and has great bone structure and she is such a sport about having her portrait done. My son helped with the composition idea. We wanted something that looked timeless so we used a scarf to hide her modern haircut. We gave her a frame to hold to give it some solidity and grounding. James liked the idea that it made her look like she was looking at us through a window. You can click on the image then click on it again to see it blown up many times greater than life. I love the way the fingers are just mere suggestions! You can see all the brush work on the face. Ally really likes the likeness and that is all I need, to know that I did a good a job!


  1. Hi Christine, I like your picture and your description about it. I like the idea with the scarf and I'am thinking your son had a very good idea. I think all of your familiy have a ball about the development of the picture.
    Greatings from Berlin, Germany Susanne

  2. Thanks, Susanne! Yes, we do have a ball working out what we are going to create together. I usually work alone but it is so much more rewarding and fun when my son and daughter work with me. These are the works I cherish most!

    Ah! You are from Berlin! Do you follow the works of Edward B. Gordon? His blog helped to inspire me to do mine! If you meet him I will be so jealous!!:)