Friday, November 6, 2009

Emily and Ruth

I said that I would use this journal to paint things from my daily life so what am I doing as a city girl painting elephants? Well, I live across the street from these two girls; Ruth and Emily. When I was in Grammar school I remember we only had Emily and we were told that we were getting a new elephant and that the children of the city were to name the new elephant by vote. That is how Ruth got her name. When my daughter was four, we moved into this house across from the zoo and she came to me saying there were elephants outside. I thought she meant in the zoo but she tugged me over to the window to show me that the elephants were walking with their trainer right across the street from our house!! It was very exciting. So yes, Ruth and Emily are part of my daily life.


  1. I LOVE Emily and Ruth! And I love following your blog! Please visit my blog to pick up your Kreativ Blogger Award!

  2. I loved painting the elephants!! Those two girls have been part of my earliest memories and I am so happy they are still around for me to paint them. Thanks Kelley!!! and an award, too! Thank you. I will go to your blog to pick it up!