Monday, November 9, 2009

An Award!

Now I am asked to list 7 non-art related things about myself.

1. I love to cook, have taught cooking classes, been asked to write a cookbook and I am a foodie (will set vacation/day-trip destinations based on the food I can get there! Dungeness Crabs in San Francisco, Newport Rhode Island's Salvation Cafe's Codfish on Cilantro Mashed Potatoes with sake mushroom reduction glaze...)

2. I have my motorcycle license.

3. I am an herbalist and once owned an herb shop!

4. I am a sharp shooter with a riffle.

5. Got put in a holding cell in a police station in a suburb of Chicago for riffling through police mail!! Long story...I was innocent, honest!!

6. Set a trap to lock someone in the bathroom by forcing a scrap of my coloring book into the lock when I was about 7 and forgot I did it and locked myself in. My mother had to call the fire department to break the window to get me out. Hmmmm.

7. I have duel citizenship with Ireland!

and now for 7 of my favorite blogs to follow...the most creative...


  1. Very interesting. . . and I hear that you're darn good with pistols too.

  2. Yeah! I had a great teacher!! but I would rather have the riffle if that bear was charging for me! :-)