Monday, November 23, 2009

AnnMarie Writing

Finished this one today. I will post some pictures of my set up and daily painting easel on my other blog so you can see how fortunate I am to be so portable that I can paint in such comfortable surroundings. Now that I use walnut oil, there are no fumes so no need for ventilation. For me, the walnut oil has freed me to paint almost my car, in homes without the hazards of mineral spirits. So nice!
This painting is no longer available.


  1. This looks like a whole other image all together now that it is completed. Awesome work Christine. Glad to hear that you are getting some R&R while you're away.

  2. excellent handling of shapes, shadows, i was immediately pulled by it. r.

  3. Thank you, Rahina! I have been trying to paint my sister for a long time but she hardly ever stays still, at least when she comes to visit. At her house it is different. She relaxes in her own home and I so I got the chance to do one. I found it very relaxing.