Monday, June 22, 2009

Weeping Fig on Mantle

Oil on panel
5" x 7"
Again it rained all day and so I was forced to paint indoors. I came home from a nice dinner and started painting at 9:30PM. I work a day job and have family so I was pretty tired picking up the brushes but once I started painting it was all good. I relaxed and enjoyed the process. I feel that I did not give myself enough time. It is just started and a lot of the details and highlights are not placed but that is the nature of these quick oil sketches. It forces me to think and act quickly to get down the overall impression as fast and accurately as I can. They are exercises, like running or lifting weights. It is a training and it is very rewarding.
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  1. Christine,

    You are such a good artist! I also saw your website and I loved everything you are presently doing. Please give my regards to James and Alex. I cannot believe James is in college! When you come to Newport next time, let's see if we can say HELLO in person. Stay in touch, my friend! Hugs, Marcela

  2. lovely! the plant looks so delicate :]

  3. You do such awesome work. I love how you captured the vase here.