Saturday, June 20, 2009

Movie Night

James is home from college and that means watching movies with Kayla and Liz. It was so good to have them all here again! Painting them was a good challenge. I wasn't sure if I could capture them but that is them without a doubt. My intention is to keep it simple for myself but in the end, I paint what I love even if there is a little bit of an overwhelming feeling. That is what makes it was so much fun. They did not pose or even hold still for more than a moment (it was a thriller flick). They were a joy to paint. I couldn't have had better subject(s) to paint to represent the highlight of this day.

Oil on panel, 5" x 7"


  1. Very nice paintings, you have a true gift =]

    God Bless,

    the Butterfly

  2. WOW! What attractive children! Where do you get your models? ;]

  3. What can i say you are amazing.Great painting