Saturday, January 23, 2010

Adah and her Baby

This is Adah, the daughter of my niece, Lauren. She is holding a little doll in a blanket. Adah is very independent with her doll so I am glad that she needs help with the receiving blanket. I lost count of how many times that I wrapped the baby up but I remember that it was a joy each time! This is a "shout out" to Adah and her little baby doll! I have been asked if I would take portrait commissions on these small panels. I have been saying no simple because when I paint these small works at random, it is just to please myself and to practice new techniques and to improve my skills. I don't worry about capturing an accurate likeness which entails hours more work. Having been offered more money by a client, I reconsidered! I will start taking commission on 5.9cm square works. The cost for each small oil portrait is 350.00 US due to the additional time and effort that I will be putting in to achieve a strong likeness. Thank you!


  1. Oh what a beautiful child and how beautifully you've painted her looking straight at you with those incredibly beautiful and expressive eyes!

  2. Thanks, Marcia!

    Yes, Adah's eyes are even more remarkable in real life. She has a very strong character and it is her eyes that give that away.

    Loved the photos of your Mom and Pal! You have a nice blog!