Wednesday, March 16, 2011


It was very dark and rainy today. The light was not good to work in oils. Alexandra asked if I could do her portrait in charcoal. It is amazing to draw my children because I think that I know their faces but they are always changing. Alex looks so womanly now. She is a woman but in my head, she is much younger still. She laughs as she reads this over my shoulder.


  1. So moody,yet her gaze is so direct. Love this.

  2. Thanks, Anne. Alex is moody and very, very direct so I am glad that I was able to catch that. Working from life seems to make capturing character easier for me. That is just how she looks at me, very focused and very confident and that is not how she looks at a camera. For a camera she tends to stiffen up. Working from life is so important.