Monday, February 21, 2011

My Good Friend, Art Landry

Since coming back from Annapolis two weeks ago, I have had several friends and family offer to sit for me. Yesterday, my good friend Art Landry came by to give me the chance to do his portrait. I have known Art for about a decade now and he is one of the best friends I could ever want to have. Generally, when we are together I talk pretty much constantly and Art is a man of few words. The fun thing about having Art sit for me, is that I was not talking very much because I was focused on drawing and, low and behold, Art started talking more than I have ever heard him talk! He told me great stories and every now and then I would have to ask him to get back into position but the fact that he talked and moved, helped me to better understand his face for this drawing. There is a hint of a smile here and when I look at this one, I feel that he is just about to start telling me something new. Thank you so much, Art for sitting for me.
I had a great time as usual!


  1. Saw this and 2 others when I was in the Portsmouth Arts Guild last night!Welcome as a new member. Look forward to meeting you at the reception, am enjoying your blog!

  2. Hello Anne,

    Thank you for the warm welcome! Please introduce yourself to me at the reception. I look forward to meeting you!

    All the Best,

  3. So nice to meet you and Art this afternoon.I love your work,your process, and am adding you to artists links on my blog!